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UBIQUITOUS Technology is an enterprise begins to develop mobile communication terminals to the wireless communication system and security technology mainly to seek the head of the field of wireless communications.
Our company radio hoeun Audio System in the Sound of TV broadcast equipment to many people and casting are developing a system to listen to it via a smartphone. Also with regard to disaster communications by developing LTE Mobile Router utilizes a communication device for real-time video or radio control Surveillance.

In addition, the company seeking the best of wireless applications with specialized companies in the wireless sector in developing a virtualization system for the system and terminal security for wireless LAN security.
Han Kichun / CEO
  • 음성 다수 동시 수신(>50명)
    역사/대합실/고속버스/ 광역 버스 TV 수신/휴대형 장치 (관광안내/박물관)

    Smartphone TV Sound Streaming
  • 모바일 클라우드를 위한 가상화 기술 개발 Thin Client를 이용한 디지털 광고판 모바일관리 (Tele-screen, MDM)

    Web Mobile Virtualization
  • 도메인 분리 가상화를 통한 개인 정보보안 기술 개발 WiFi 보안 Tool(WIDS) 보안 업무체계 증적 관리 시스템(Web based system)

    Mobile Security