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The KMDS is Network processor based high-speed data processing platform. It can provide wire-speed packet capture, deep packet inspection(DPI), packet analysis and protocol processing capabilities running at server CPU. This enables customers to build functions as they needed by using MDS and Linux Server. Also, it can add precision timestamp on packet capture through GPS. Bypass module can be operated in bypass mode under specific environment.

Features image

Tile Gx-36 Multi-core Processor

Max 40Gbps packet processing

Timestamp on packet capture through GPS

Network Connections

- 4x10Gbps SFP+ connections
- x1Gbps SFP connections
- Mixed 1Gbps/10Gbps connections

Optical Bypass Capability on Power fail

DPI performance: 10Gbps


• speed packet capture without packet loss
• 64Byte, 30Mega-packets/s to Host CPU

Full-line rate processing for all frames

Low latency : 1.45us latency

Power supplies by PCI-e on Board connector

Ethernet FCS generation

Temperature sensors

Up to 40Gbps Flow-based routing

Server Connection

• PCI-e Gen2 8-lane
• PCIe performance: 25Gbps

Mini-USB for Debug and Management

Timestamping Resolution : 5ns

OS: linux supported

KMDS-40G image

Deep Packet Inspection

Wire-speed packet capture

Packet Processing

Timestamping on packet capture

1G/10G compatible

• 4x1/10Gbps SFP/SFP+ Interface

Bypass compatible

Power supply by PCI-e on Board connector

Specifications image

Network Processor

• 36-core 1.2GHz Tile Gx36 processor


• DDR3 SoDIMM type
• 4Gbytes to 16Gbytes on customers requests


• Frame and byte counters per port

Host Interface

• Gen2 PCIe 8-lane
• 32Gbps peak, 25Gbps typical

Network Interface

• 4x10Gbps/4x1Gbps Ethernet Interface

Supported SFP/SFP+ modules

• Multi-mode SR[850nm]
• Single-mode LR[1310nm]
• Single-mode ER[1550nm]


• 60Watts including SFP+ LR modules
• Operating Temperature: 0℃ to 45℃
• Operating humidity: 20% to 80%

Mechanical Specifications

• 210mm x 110.5mm

  • 음성 다수 동시 수신(>50명)
    역사/대합실/고속버스/ 광역 버스 TV 수신/휴대형 장치 (관광안내/박물관)

    Smartphone TV Sound Streaming
  • 모바일 클라우드를 위한 가상화 기술 개발 Thin Client를 이용한 디지털 광고판 모바일관리 (Tele-screen, MDM)

    Web Mobile Virtualization
  • 도메인 분리 가상화를 통한 개인 정보보안 기술 개발 WiFi 보안 Tool(WIDS) 보안 업무체계 증적 관리 시스템(Web based system)

    Mobile Security